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Publications and deliverables


Taylor, J., Simpson, C., Brousse, O., Viitanen, A-K., Heaviside, C. 2024. The potential of urban trees to reduce heat-related mortality in London. Environmental Research Letters. DOI 10.1088/1748-9326/ad3a7e

Taylor, J., Salmela, A., Täubel, M., Heimlander, A., Karvonen, A., Pakkala, T., Lahdensivu, J. and Pekkanen, J., 2023. Risk factors for moisture damage presence and severity in Finnish homes. Buildings and Cities, 4(1), pp.708-726.

Heinonen, S., Maree, B., Sivonen, R., Toivonen, S., Viitamäki, R. and Pättikangas, P., 2023. TOWARDS TWIN TRANSFORMATIONS AND SPACES - Convoluted Conversations on the Green and Digital Futures of Work

Heinonen, S., Maree, B., Karjalainen, J., Sivonen, R., Taylor, A., Viitamäki, R. and Pättikangas, P., 2023. Flourishing Urban Futures to Overcome Polycrises - Roadmap to Resilience 2050


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